Wisdom • Leisure • Explore Time - Tian Wang’s Exploration Trip in Huizhou

Recently in summer, Tian Wang organized an exploration trip of four days and three nights for the staff in Nankun Mountain, Longmen Iron Spring and Xiangxi Old Castle and other scenic spots.

The first stop of the trip was the Kunshanxia Gorge - the most beautiful rapids spot in south Guangdong, with verdant mountain forests and fragrant fruit trees. The gorge looked erratic with its winding and zigzag pathways, birds sang in the quiet valley and the drift was very fast and exciting. We could feel both, the soul-stirring craziness of the swift current and the peace and leisure of the peaceful current.  


After the drift, people started to go to the second stop by car. The next stop was the Longmen Iron Spring Holiday Resort, which was called the “Top Spring in Asia” and “Gold Spring”. The iron spring in the resort is a rarity in the word and unique in the country. It is rich in iron and other mineral elements. The water was golden, warm and clear, making the spring the highest grade in hot mineral springs.

After settling down, Tian Wang colleagues came together to enjoy the hot spring supper. It was the traditional double seventh festival (Chinese Valentine’s Day) that day, so a romance themed singing competition was held in the banquet hall. Nine couples took part in the competition and sang love songs in antiphonal style, creating a beautiful atmosphere of happiness and romance. The lucky draw even brought several climaxes in the scene. After fierce competition, the Best Couple and Excellent Singer Awards were bestowed.

The next morning, people began to leisurely enjoy the hot springs on top of the mountain. Then, they gathered in the afternoon and held an acting contest through funny micro videos. The participants were talented and their acts attracted a huge audience and got much applause. After three rounds of “trial acting”, the five “directors” finally decided on three Big Star Awards and seven Small Star Awards.

The third stop of the trip was Xiangxi Old Castle. The Old Castle was solemn and plain and the bricks and the watchtower walls were mottled, telling the extraordinary history of the building. The group then drifted on bamboo rafts along the Xiangxi River and viewed the beautiful scenery at both banks, enjoying the leisure that the bamboo rafts afforded. After that, the Tian Wang staff drove the bamboo vehicle and went to the Yao minority park to taste the unique mysteries of the profound ethnic culture.

The last stop was Tanshan Forest Park. Along the winding mountain road, they took the stairs and walked under the luxuriant trees, listening to the running water, enjoying the whistling of the wind in the pines, letting the sunshine and breeze wash over them. In the quiet and beautiful mountainous surroundings, the Tian Wang staff concluded the four day trip on a pleasant note.

Combining scenic spots with fashionable evening parties, this trip was meant to enhance the happiness of the staff. The idea was to create an optimistic and fun experience, with fashion and innovation as well as a healthy and positive attitude to life and work, among the staff. Besides, the trip also fully represented the family spirit of helping and caring for each other, strengthened unity, increased exchange and cooperation among the staff, enhanced the cohesive force in the enterprise, enriched the enterprise culture and promoted the soft power of the company. Tian Wang staff will continue to adhere to this attitude and create a more glorious future.


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