Tian Wang Won the Third Place in “SZWA Cup Sailing Race”

On April 18, 2015, the first “SZWA Cup Sailing Race” hosted by Shenzhen Watch & Clock Association started at Mirs Bay. Many famous domestic watch brands including Tian Wang established their racing fleets. Finally, Tian Wang’s fleet stood out and won third place in the sailing race.

It was a cloudy day on the day of the race. With dense fog, and fierce wind and waves, the sea looked powerful, arousing people’s ambition to conquer it and the eager expectation to explore it.

As one of the most complicated marine sports in the world, sailing requires not just strong physical power and will power to accept the challenge from the wind and waves, but also  adaptability with the capricious and complicated environment. It was a concerted effort, a veritable battle among teams. Every fleet was fighting with nature, rather than just their opponents. With the power of their team, people could bravely explore the unknown and fight with the wind and waves and even conquer the vast sea.

 Innovation, reformation and even conquering the sea are eternal concerns for people. It is just like the Age of Discovery in 19th century, when people constantly explored and innovated, replaced manpower with machines and invented the “paddle wheel” propeller, which replaced the old era with a brand new era.

In 2009, Tian Wang first launched the Aeon series watches. Inspired by “paddle wheel”, the products showed our respect to the era’s spirit of exploration and innovation in the Age of Discovery.


In 2014, in order to show respect to the classic, Tian Wang enriched and deepened the reference of Aeon ( Round Times) series. 

In 2015, Tian Wang gained an insight into the era from the “paddle wheel”, setting forth the path for the new products of Aeon (Round Times) series which were launched eventually. The 18 K gold bezel was a nod to the golden days. Modestly luxurious, the products also presented the enterprising spirit of this era and the everlasting style of British nobility.


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